Library addressed in Mayor’s budget

Mayor Alvin Brown presented his proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2015 on July 14.

In his remarks he said: “Our public libraries are vital educational institutions in the community—serving people of all ages, from all walks of life and from all across the city.  This budget will help restore service hours at the Main Downtown Library.  And we propose to help our libraries invest in new materials after years of budget cuts.”

According to the mayor’s staff, the budget proposal contains more…Read more here

“Save Our Libraries” Straw Ballot Initiative
On Aug. 26, a straw vote on an alternative means of funding Jacksonville Libraries.

Thanks to a successful petition drive, Jacksonville voters will be voting on a straw vote on the Aug. 26 election ballot to voice their opinion on creating an independent library district.   Volunteers for Friends of Jacksonville Public Library and many others helped gather more than 26,000 signatures, which were verified by the Supervisor of Elections.

We need your help, urging people to vote on Aug. 26 and explaining this straw vote.  To help you explain it, here are some FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on the Initiative.

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Get ready for another Book Warehouse Sale

Time to mark your calendar for the next Book Warehouse Sale, brought to you by Friends of Jacksonville Public Library.  Starting July 31…Read more here.

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